Pájaro Brujo Reserve

The Pájaro Brujo Reserve is a sustainability model in the Galapagos Islands, a place for exploration and learning.

The Reserve is located on Santa Cruz Island, in Galapagos. It's managed by FUNDAR-Galápagos a Non-Profit organization which has its main purpose to build a demonstrative model for the coexistence amongst people and their environment. We work on ecological restoration, organic agriculture, education, training and conflict management among other aspects relevant to a sustainable lifestyle.

The Pájaro Brujo Reserve promotes the assumption of sustainable technologies and lifestyle among the inhabitants of the Island especially in rural areas. It also a center for investigation and creation of appropriate technologies which are transmitted to the community through its training center and an expansion program. The feasibility of recuperating agricultural area and transforming it into natural ecosystems, maintaining an income through these ecosystems, motivates farmers to recuperate these areas and to control invasive species.